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Saturday, 11 February 2012 | 23:30 | 0 Message

O M G  T.T

Hanya Tuhan ja tahu what I feel before this n right now --' 
And nowwwwwwwwww I still thinking bout it, please please GO AWAY from my mind, pleaseee -,-
This my fault also because tergedik sangat pi bukak mntang tuu. Tangan nie gatai sangat nak amik tauu. huh =,=
Skrang baqu qasa mcm mna heart broken, PATAH HATI tau? waarghhh -,-
Dayah please stop it please >,<
Okay I will try to stop think bout benda alah, n mainan dunia nie. But I cant promisee,
and I hope very very much after I wake up tomorrow morning will not think Stupid thing anymore !
#nah ambik, Bi berteqabuq mcm kelubuq u_u

Emmmmmmmmmm, nak pi tidoq dah. Tidoq awai mlm niee ^^ ambik wuduk, tidoq tenang, esok takmau ingat dah.
PATAH HATI gilaa baqhang -,- Byeee see you soon.

p/s : Still waiting, hope as long as can be okayy <3

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